A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Underwater, a new threat slowly emerges. Playing as a helpless hermit crab, use your shells to defeat countless waves of monsters and giant sea creatures in this action packed 2d game.

Hermit started from a global game jam game (https://sharpedstonestudios.itch.io/hermit-the-sea-caterpillar) and is currently being developed.

The official website of this game is UnderwaterTale.com

The demo is free to download here, or on Steam!

The demo includes:

  • A tutorial , and first easy level (ok ok maybe not that easy).
  • A second challenging level .
  • An infinite level , with leaderboards and high score. Try to beat your friends!
  • No less than 6 different shells !
  • Co-op mode , for a lot more fun!

We hope you will enjoy playing the demo as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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⚠️ Steam needs to be running in order to access the leaderboard⚠️

Download demo

hermit-an-underwater-tale-demo_linux.zip 427 MB
Version Demo_0.1.0.B32
hermit-an-underwater-tale-demo_mac.zip 438 MB
Version Demo_0.1.0.B32
hermit-an-underwater-tale-demo_windows.zip 428 MB
Version Demo_0.1.0.B32

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